Your Job by Enkh Turtogtokh

When you drown

call for help,

if you can’t call

water in your mouth

You hope 

there’s a lifeguard  


If only you had stopped me from drowning

giving up below water

Let me fall into the crowd 

of mindless fish

Let me give up 

on the thoughts on my pillow,

the dreams that stay in my mind

It starts from day one.

8 hours a day

5 days a week

From preschool

to college (if you make it that far)

Power in your words 

that impact

Sharing information

young people lack

The power of whether they drown

or even go that deep in the first place

What teachers NEED to do

besides the bare minimum

Decide to care about me …

not just getting the job done to proceed

We shared shoes once

Took your steps

Help me take mine

You have the power

to give a chance to those in great need

Get off that tower

get one on one with me,

teach me how to date with destiny

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