Great Education Colorado

a nonprofit organization dedicated to driving educational excellence for all Colorado students through grassroots activism.


Please join your fellow Coloradans in telling the members of the State Board of Education and other state leaders:

  • "We believe it is time for our state Social Studies standards to be updated to include the perspectives, history, culture, and social contributions of all groups."
  • "We want schools that ensure all our students, families, and communities feel welcomed, included and represented."
  • "We want all students to learn the honest and comprehensive history of our nation, along with the critical thinking skills that will serve them as citizens of our democracy their entire lives."
  • "For these reasons, we call on the State Board of Education to accept all recommendations put forth by the Social Studies Standards Committee, which reflect the considered work of content experts, including teachers and parents."

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Great Education Colorado’s Ambassadors for Public Education are generous, passionate, and diverse partners who believe that making impactful change to public school funding requires meaningful, philanthropic commitment.

Ambassadors for Public Education pledge minimum annual gifts of $1,000 to Great Education Colorado for three years (paid quarterly or annually). Collectively, your pledges form a sustainable philanthropic pillar empowering Great Ed to maintain the adequate and equitable education funding movement.

All Ambassadors are able to stay knowledgable about pressing education funding topics, support Great Education Colorado and share with the community the strategies to support public education funding across the state of Colorado.

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Advocates Network Meeting

Join Great Education Colorado (GEC) and other passionate advocates like yourself for our monthly Advocates Network meetings on Zoom!

GEC will meet every second Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm to hear from you and share opportunities where you can take action as an advocate for adequate and equitable funding for Colorado's K12 public schools! In each meeting, we will listen to different perspectives, learn about current issues in school funding, and activate our leadership by taking action together.

Great Education Colorado's story is provided in this short video. Find the answers to:

  • What does a great education look like?

  • Why does investing in education matter?

  • Where does Colorado stand in providing a great education to every student?

  • Who decides how well we fund schools in Colorado?

  • How can people get involved in advocating for better funding for public education?

Play Bridge The Gap! A virtual experience game powered by Great Education Colorado.

Through this virtual experience you will have the opportunity to watch videos, complete puzzles and learn how to bridge the gap in education. After a series of questions you will be offered an opportunity to visit a new room or go back to a previous room. Finish the bonus room and get added to the wall of fame!

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