Great Education Colorado harnesses the power of grassroots activism and stimulates wise investment in Colorado’s public schools, colleges, and universities.


All Colorado children — regardless of where they live or how they learn — graduate prepared to lead their best lives.

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Mythbusters: Responses to Common Myths and Misperceptions

Too often, discussions about school funding get derailed by simplistic sound bites that may sound good, but are misleading at best. We've collected a few.

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The Great Ed Luncheon

The 7th Annual Great Education Colorado Luncheon was held on Thursday, October 5, 2017, at The Cable Center at the University of Denver. This year we honored Sam and Nancy Gary, education advocates, philanthropists, and founders of Gary Community Investments, which includes the Piton Foundation. We also had a special recognition of Colorado's teachers.
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Colorado Education Network

The Colorado Education Network is designed to mobilize stakeholders determined to take action for students and come together to solve the state's insufficient and inequitable level of school funding.
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2018 Action Summit

The 2018 Great Futures Action Summit was held on February 28. Attendees are empowered and motivated to take action and ensure that all Colorado students, regardless of where they live or how they learn, receive a great education.
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