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Great Education CO BALLOT Review

If you missed the meeting live, here's the recap!

This year's ballot had many efforts to attack investing in public education! This session we review the ballot results of those issues that impacted Public Education as presented by Great Education Colorado.

Great Education Colorado's story is provided in this short video. Find the answers to:

  • What does a great education look like?

  • Why does investing in education matter?

  • Where does Colorado stand in providing a great education to every student?

  • Who decides how well we fund schools in Colorado?

  • How can people get involved in advocating for better funding for public education?

Play Bridge The Gap! A virtual experience game powered by Great Education Colorado.

Through this virtual experience you will have the opportunity to watch videos, complete puzzles and learn how to bridge the gap in education. After a series of questions you will be offered an opportunity to visit a new room or go back to a previous room. Finish the bonus room and get added to the wall of fame!

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