American Public Schools by Gete Mesfin Mekonen

The constant value of the dollar ever changing, and ever moving
Who knows the value of the dollar?
You have a pen and a paper, a college diploma but your school was second rate
You need to go to an ivy so people don’t look at you funny
You need to go to a fancy ivy, for the higher paycheck
American public schools
I tell them I went to a title 1, they ask how many fights I’ve been in
Fights in the foyer, security guards in the background they exist but no one ever sees em
Funding is low but it’s cool cause your friends from middle school go there
“It’s ghetto but not that ghetto”
Bloods coming outta ya but the tampons aren’t getting refilled.
You wanna ask for help, but you don’t wanna be stupid
Who cares if I fall through the crack?
“My parents don’t care anyway”
Cops line the front every afternoon has your questions if they are after you
American public schools
They don’t even check backpacks
I feel unsafe
A standardized test your mind immediately scatters
You sat down on the bus, could’ve sworn it was pee.
The books are torn and tattered
You came to school hungry
American public schools
The big wigs and the politicians are supposed to keep us safe, but after the womb was as
good as the schools we attend; second rate

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