We believe every student deserves access to an adequately funded public school; high-quality education; and inclusive curriculum and school culture! The ESWN Pledge is a commitment to public education and the belief that every student — regardless of their zip code, learning needs, language, identities, or the color of their skin — graduates prepared to lead their best life! Once you take the pledge, you will be added to the ESWN newsletter, which provides access to information, training, and resources on how to advocate for welcoming public schools.


Great Education Colorado is in the beginning stages of co-creating the Every Student Welcome Network. ESWN will serve as an information network, resource hub, and community-building space to ensure public education supporters can advocate together for welcoming and fully and fairly funded public schools. Through the ESWN, we will create a diverse and inclusive grassroots infrastructure that supports members in engaging with one another and immediate policy matters. Stay informed on the development of the ESWN by taking the ESWN pledge!schools.

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