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Statement of the Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition on Initiative 63

August 8, 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS: Tracie Rainey, CO School Finance 303-941-1633 Lisa Weil, Great Education 720-217-6239 Statement of the Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition on Initiative 63 “It is with profound disappointment that we announce that we will not be submitting signatures for Initiative 63 to...
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Initiative 63 Campaign Releases Polling Showing 2-1 Support for Measure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CONTACTS: Tracie Rainey, CO School Finance Project July 22, 2022   303-941-1633 Lisa Weil, Great Education Colorado  720-217-6239 Initiative 63 Campaign Releases Polling Showing 2-1 Support for Measure Measure to increase state funding for teachers without increasing tax rates will likely pass in November...
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Latest Economic Forecast Shows that Colorado Needs, Can Afford Initiative 63

New data released by the state's economists today confirmed that Colorado's strong economic recovery will allow the state to increase funding for teachers annually by almost $1 billion without any increase in tax rates -- if voters approve Initiative 63.   Recently released polling by Magellan Strategies indicates that, if given the opportunity, voters would overwhelmingly...
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Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition Launches Petition for Initiative #63 to Better Support Students & Teachers without Raising Tax Rates

Advocates: “Teachers: We see you. We appreciate you. Help is on the way.”  Denver – Stating that Colorado voters should have the opportunity to decide whether they want to harness the state’s economic rebound to address Colorado's teacher shortage, the Great Schools, Thriving Communities (GSTC) Coalition this week launched their...
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Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition Files Measures to Help Districts Attract, Retain and Compensate Teachers, Without Raising Taxes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 3, 2022   CONTACTS: Tracie Rainey, CO School Finance Project   303-941-1633 Krista Spurgin, Stand for Children CO   303-888-8824 Lisa Weil, Great Education Colorado  720-217-6239 Great Schools Thriving Communities Coalition Files Measures to Help Districts Attract, Retain and Compensate Teachers, Without Raising...
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Colorado Superintendent Addresses Education Funding Issues

Superintendent Phil Qualman of Eagle County School District In a candid and well researched message to state leaders, Phil Qualman, Eagle County School District Superintendent, shares his perspective on what is TRULY going on in education and how proper funding is vital in order to make a difference. Here are...
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Director of Multicultural Organizing

Job Description: Great Education Colorado drives educational excellence for all Colorado students by harnessing the power of grassroots activism and diverse, inclusive coalitions to stimulate adequate and equitable investment in all Colorado public schools, students,and teachers. Our vision is one where all Colorado children — regardless of where they live,...
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Racist Roots of Tax Policy Webinars hosted by The Colorado Fiscal Institute

Tax policy isn’t race neutral. In fact, the history of its development shows us how it has been used explicitly as a tool for discriminating against people of color. Tax policy has been a powerful tool for shaping our country’s political, social, and economic landscape and has contributed to further...
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Colorado Gives Day 2020 – A letter from Joyce Brooks

Join one of the largest one-day giving movements in the country. Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 8, and features a $1 million Incentive Fund. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, increasing impact and the value of every dollar donated. Colorado Gives...
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New News is Bad News: Quality Counts report gives Colorado an ‘F’ on School Spending

According to Education Week’s recently published Quality Counts 2020 Colorado's school funding system is, well, failing.  Based on 2017 data, here are Colorado's stats: $3,033 below the national average in per pupil spending (was $2,703 in 2019) 44th in per pupil funding (down from 41st in 2019) 47th in the...
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2019 Legislative Session: True or False?

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While the legislature was able to increase the amount that was put toward public schools this session, Colorado still falls short of 2008 pre-recession funding levels. Amendment 23 requires that base funding for each student increase by at least the rate of inflation, but because of the Budget Stabilization Factor, the debt owed to public schools is still $572 million. 


With the passage of a bill that fully funds full-day kindergarten, no parent will have to pay for tuition for their student if they want them to attend a full day of kindergarten. This does not mandate that students attend a full-day of kindergarten, but simply funds districts that provide full-day kindergarten so that they may do so without requiring tuition from parents of students.


Thanks to an amendment to the School Finance Act by Senator Zenzinger, Tier B Special Education funding received an additional $2.5 million to schools meeting the needs of these students.


While retaining revenue for transportation and education (aka “debrucing”) is an important structural fix needed in our broken tax system, the dollars that are brought in are going to be one-time dollars for education funding. With a budget stabilization factor of $572 million still in existence, if passed, this will be a small step forward in better funding our schools (though a very needed one). 


While legislators were able to come close with a $100 million buy down this year, legislators in the 2018 legislative session were able to buy down the budget stabilization factor by $112 million.


Props CC and DD are both referred measures from the legislature and will be seen on the 2019 November ballot. Proposition CC will ask for voter approval to retain TABOR surplus revenue for education and transportation, and Proposition DD will ask voters to approve the authorization and taxing of sports betting in Colorado. 


Rep. Michaelson Jenet sponsored a bill that was signed by Governor Polis on May 10 to include social workers in participating schools to follow students from kindergarten through fifth grade. This increases accessibility to mental health assistance, as well as lunch programs in participating schools.


False — We have made amazing progress, but our students need SO much more! We need you to continue to advocate for better funding for our schools by getting to know your legislators before the 2020 session and helping with the Prop CC campaign, making sure you and your community get out and votes ‘yes’ for Prop CC. We have lots of ways to get involved!

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One. More. Week!

With one week to go, there is no shortage of crazy going on at the Capitol. The Governor’s office dropped a new bill on tobacco tax, the School Finance Act is quickly making its way through the Senate and House, and Committees are wrapping up for the year. School Finance...
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What do the School Finance Act and $102 million have in common…?

So much happened this week, as we enter into the home stretch of this session. While there is a lot to celebrate in the world of school funding at the legislature, we still have our work cut out for us. Keep reading to learn more… The School Finance Act (SFA)...
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This is not a drill!

Before we dive into this week’s legislative update, I want to remind everyone why we do what we do. Read the investigation and full report from The Colorado Sun here. Our students’ mental health is a top concern, and one of the major reasons we MUST continue to fight with...
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One month to go!

With one month left in this year’s legislative session, this week was nothing short of eventful: the debrucing bills were up in their first committee hearings, the budget made its way through the House with some education wins, and Great Ed co-sponsored the Public Education Funding Lobby Day with over...
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Uniform Mill Levy/Mill Levy Equalization

What You Need to Know What would these bills do? The uniform mill levy bill would require each district to levy a specified number of property tax mills. Each school district would need to do so over a certain amount of time to reach their total program funding. If they...
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And the late nights at the Capitol are just beginning…

There's been no shortage of excitement at the Capitol this week, with the budget making its way through the Senate, funding for full-day Kindergarten being introduced, and much much more...there will be plenty of things to talk with legislators about at next week's Public Education Funding Lobby Day! Public Education...
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No slowing down now…

It's crunch-time! Everything is ramping up under the Dome as the long-bill is prepared to be finalized, the School Finance Act is being put together, and legislators have only six weeks left to make sure they've made a positive impact for our public schools this session. This update provides a rundown...
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60 days down, 60 days to go…

Wednesday marked the halfway point of the legislative session — that means things will really start speeding up in what's already been an exciting session. The legislature made some important decisions regarding funding for next year's state education fund and full-day kindergarten. Read on to find out what's happening... Full-Day Kindergarten...
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