We won’t stop fighting this fight until Colorado does right by all its students

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The story tonight is that a record number of Colorado voters recognize the need to invest in our students, our teachers, our schools and our communities.  That is historic and we thank the voters for this powerful statement.

Together, we have changed the conversation and made clear the urgency that exists in solving the school funding crisis in Colorado. We’ve mobilized at the grassroots level, we will continue to make our voices heard, and we expect our public officials to listen and to come together on solutions.

We are tremendously proud of the two-year, community-based, grassroots effort that put Amendment 73 on the ballot. Every time our coalition faced a hurdle, we persevered and became stronger. From the remarkable statewide signature drive to the overwhelming outpouring of local voices in support of this proposal, it’s clear our work has only just begun, as the challenges our schools face still remain.

Colorado still has the majority of school districts on four-day school weeks, the least competitive teacher wages in the nation, we lack of funding for full day kindergarten students, we have a growing teacher shortage crisis, and the list goes on.

We have learned together that the fight for an equitable school funding system that provides for the needs of EVERY student is not about one night or one year.  It’s a movement that will grow, broaden and deepen until we’ve made our vision a reality.

Frank Reeves, superintendent of East Grand School District shared this analogy today and we thought it worthy of sharing with all our supporters:

 “Much like teams playing in the state championships, we have already had a great season.  No matter the result of the election, this movement has created a new, positive sentiment towards public education that has not been prevalent in many years.  By creating the coalition, bringing together people from all walks of life and backing that up with relentless work, this process has already been a great success. Our team is stronger than ever and we are here to stay.”

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