Most Popular Great Ed Facebook Posts in 2018


Most Popular Great Ed Facebook Posts in 2018:

So excited to share this news from Great Schools, Thriving Communities!!! Read about their history making signature gathering efforts here. (Read post)

95% of teachers in rural districts don’t make enough salary to meet the cost of living. #YesOnAmendment73 can finally give teachers raises at a time when teacher pay in Colorado is among the worst in the country. Learn more about Amendment 73. (Read post)

“A sea of red shirts, waving signs and banners spread out around the state Capitol on Friday as thousands of Colorado teachers and their supporters rallied in support of increased state funding for public education.” You can continue to take actions to support public education when you sign up to support Great Schools, Thriving Communities. 
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Cool interactive website. Spoiler alert: teacher pay in Colorado has fallen behind inflation by 17.4% in the last 15 years – twice as much as in West Virginia! It’s time to tell your legislators to do something about school funding. Here’s a quick and easy way to email your senator and representative just in time for their budget debates. (Read post)

In case you think a booming economy will take care of our teacher shortage, here’s a dose of reality. Today, Governor Hickenlooper proposed a budget for next year. Even after prioritizing education, the Governor was able only to increase school funding by $78 dollars per pupil. That leaves our students $660 per pupil behind what we spent before the recession. Only #YesonAmendment73 can lift Colorado teachers and students back where they belong. (Read post)

Keep an eye out for an exciting and historic development at the legislature this year: a broad coalition of Colorado’s superintendents proposing a new school finance act centered on students. “If [public schools] are going to be the great equalizer in this country, they need to address all [the] needs that kids bring in the door,” [Cheyenne Mountain School District Superintendent Walt] Cooper says. 
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“Investing in our students is our No. 1 priority. We can no longer be expected to do more with less,” Superintendent Chris Fielder said. “I would rather our students have high quality, engaged teachers using 21st century tools for learning four days a week than not having them five days a week.”
#FundingMatters #coleg #edcolo If you think that’s a choice Colorado school districts shouldn’t have to make, join us. 
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@COSFP recently updated their map of Colorado school districts on a 4-day week for the 2018-19 school year, explore the map here. 
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This is happening in Colorado, but our legislators don’t seem to be feeling any urgency about improving school funding . . . Yet. They will, if you take 30 seconds to tell your senator and representative that you think Colorado can and should do better for our students. It’s easy and important.
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Colorado is last in competitiveness of teacher salaries. The typical teacher at the beginning of their career in Colorado makes just 69% of what peers with similar education and hours earn. This is one of many reasons why we support #YesOnAmendment73. (Read post)

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