New Year’s Resolution: Stand Up!

Class sizes too big? School fees too high? Teachers spread too thin?

Those are symptoms of a state that chronically underfunds its schools. With the Colorado state legislative session starting next week, it’s more important than ever that our state leaders hear the voices of public education supporters who know we can and must do better for our children.

Fortunately, Colorado’s school superintendents have provided us with a great way to raise our voices together for kids and remind returning legislators what’s at stake for Colorado’s kids this year:

Colorado School Superintendents’ Call for Adequate Funding
Monday, January 11, 2016 11:30 a.m.
Colorado State Capitol, West Foyer

Great Ed will be there, and we hope you will, too! (RSVP here.)

If you can’t attend, we hope you will stand with the superintendents virtually, by signing our statement of supportWe want to show legislators that public education supporters throughout Colorado appreciate the Colorado Superintendents’ Advocacy for Adequate School Funding and their continuing work to ensure that Colorado delivers on the promise of an effective education for each and every child in our state through excellent public schools.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity — either in person or online — to amplify the voices of the state’s school leaders, as they call on policymakers to work in partnership to find new solutions to the challenges ahead so every Colorado student receives the education they deserve.

Let’s start the year off right!

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