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Just a few days ago, we asked public education supporters around Colorado to stand with Colorado’s school superintendents — either in person or in spirit — at the state capitol, as they called on the legislature for adequate funding of schools.

The response was overwhelming. Thousands of Coloradans joined you in showing support. The Denver Post, KUSADenver 7Colorado Public Radio, the Gazette, and the Daily Camera all provided extensive coverage.

Hundreds of you showed up at the capitol. It looked like this:

Over 2,000 people from over 160 communities signed our statement supporting the superintendents. Here’s what that looked like:


We also asked people signing the statement to tell us why adequate funding for schools matters to you. Here’s a visual analysis of what you told us.

Thanks to you, this was an incredible start for 2016 — a year when we can and must make a real difference for Colorado’s students. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll keep you posted about other simple ways you can advocate for better school funding, both at the capitol and in preparation for a November ballot initiative.

With this kind of momentum, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

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