Statement of Great Education Colorado on the Supreme Court Decision in Dwyer v. Colorado

Supreme Court Allows the State to Renege on the Promise Voters Made to Students by Passing Amendment 23

Today’s disappointing decision is, unfortunately, just another in a long line of setbacks for the children of Colorado. Despite the voters’ best efforts to take students off the tracks of Colorado’s inevitable fiscal train wreck by passing Amendment 23, the state Supreme Court has put them right back in harm’s way. As the legislature continues to cut $1,000 per student every year, today’s decision slams shut the courthouse door. It appears that the only remedy — the only way to make sure that every child has access to the educational opportunities that will lead them to success — may be to go back to the voters to renew our promise to the children of Colorado.

It is within our power as Coloradans to make all the investments necessary to ensure the continuing vitality of our families, communities and state economy. That power rests in tools available both to our legislature and the voters. There are already efforts to take such action in 2016; today’s ruling only increases the urgency of those efforts.

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