Lights. Camera. Action.

We’ve never done this before.
Want in?

We believe that every student deserves a fair shot at success.

We’re also certain that if Coloradans knew that poor school funding is getting in our kids’ way, they’d care and they’d take action.

So how can we make sure they know?

We need video.

Today, we’re inviting you to help us crowdfund our new video project: The Colorado School Experience.  We’re seeking small donations (any amount truly makes a difference) from lots of people to make sure that more Coloradans understand the impact of budget cuts on our students.

We’ve spent years collecting pages and pages (and pages and pages and pages …) of stories that people — parents, teachers, kids, and concerned citizens like you — have submitted to us. The written words themselves are devastating — but they don’t do the stories justice. We need Coloradans to SEE the stories and hear from the kids themselves.

You’re the key.

If we can raise enough money, we’ll be able to document these stories in video so that legislators and voters cannot ignore them. And if your group or community has a story that should be told in video, we’ve got an easy way to make that happen.

We hope you’ll take this unique opportunity to take a small step to make a BIG difference. Please donate to this important crowdfunding campaign right away.  And then, to be sure we can meet our goal and tell more stories, please share our campaign on Facebook or through email!

Please help us come through for kids.  The cost of helping is small; the payoff is huge.

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