Keep the TABOR Surplus for Kids Petition: Special Delivery

We just delivered more than 3,100 of your petition signatures and 600 stories to the governor and legislators at the Capitol.

Our message to state leaders: Do whatever it takes to use Colorado’s growing state revenues to pay back the debt we owe our kids after six years of cuts. In short, we are asking the governor and legislature to keep the TABOR “surplus” for kids.

We’ve even given legislators a simple way to demonstrate that they share these values. Last month, we sent legislators a letter asking them to sign this statement:

I agree that Colorado students should benefit from the state’s economic recovery and growing revenues and will therefore support efforts to pay down the debt we owe our students because of deep budget cuts in recent years.

You can find out if your legislators have responded here. Then you can use this quick and simple toolto either thank them for signing or encourage them to step up.

Colorado shouldn’t be on autopilot when the quality of education in Colorado is on the line. No matter how many times your legislators have heard from you this year, they need to hear it again: “We need to invest in our future — not steal from it.”

Thank you for standing up and being heard. It is making a difference.

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