Is there “Common Ground on Common Core”?

Recently you’ve heard a lot from us about school funding and the state budget.  Today, I wanted to let you know about three other Great Ed efforts — all geared toward making sure that every student graduates ready for the world.

There’s no denying that the debate about standards and testing in education has become quite polarized.  This past winter, Great Ed held a series of conversations to find out if there were any areas of consensus beneath the discord, in hopes of giving policymakers a space to move forward in areas where people with diverse views actually agreed.

Today we’re releasing our “Common Ground on Common Core” report, which highlights areas of consensus involving the role of standards and assessments and the need for significant school funding increases.   We hope you’ll read the report and then urge your legislators to do so as well.  To move forward and improve education for all students in Colorado, the first step is acknowledging our common ground.

Meanwhile . . . in the legislature

After decades of profound underinvestment, we know that Colorado’s students — and our economy — require a sustainable and equitable school finance system that is adequately and fairly funded.   House Bill 1343, sponsored by Representatives Millie Hamner and Bob Rankin, would create a long-overdue process to design that system.  Find out why Great Ed supports the bill here.

Meanwhile . . . in the courts

Last summer, several parents and school districts filed the Dwyer vs. Colorado — or  “Keep the Promise” — lawsuit, arguing that the legislature violated the state constitution (Amendment 23) when it cut billions from schools.  In March, the Colorado Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.  Great Ed was proud to join with numerous education organizations in filing an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief in support of the plaintiffs.  Learn more here.

And finally . . .

No Great Ed newsletter would be complete without an opportunity to make your voice heard!   If you haven’t already, please sign our “Save the Surplus for Kids” petition to the governor and legislature and RSVP to join us on April 16 as we deliver thousands of signatures at the Capitol!

Thanks for all you do for Colorado’s students!

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