Superintendents: “It’s a Simple Ask…Pass HB1232”

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Colorado Superintendents hosted a press conference on Wednesday, February 7, at Dora Moore Elementary School in Denver. Joined by parents and community leaders, the Superintendents explained the background and objectives behind their new school funding formula bill introduced last week in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Their ask of legislators is simple — pass House Bill 1232. The proposed legislation has no impact to the General Fund. It does, however, provide a roadmap for providing a more fair and adequate level of funding with the goal of preparing every Colorado student for success in career, college and life. The new formula ensures that all districts receive additional funding to support current academic standards and accountability systems. In addition, it creates a more student-centric distribution formula.

To access all the details about this important effort, the Superintendents have a public website where you can:

Great Education Colorado is proud to endorse their work and we hope you will too!

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