My Fun Morning at the State Capitol 

By Mary McNeil Cheever, Great Ed Volunteer and Advocate

I recently signed up for Great Education Colorado’s Advocacy Day at the capitol to talk to my legislators about public education funding in my district.  Even though I have been involved, on and off, for years with education funding issues, I was pretty nervous about actually going to the capitol, pulling my Senator and Representative off the floor and talking directly with them about these matters.

IMG_1965IMG_1962It turns out my fears were entirely unfounded.  Not only did I not need to be nervous, I actually had a lot of fun.  After all, I’m not a lobbyist who they see all the time (and may be tired of), I am a constituent.  It is their job to meet me and listen to what I have to say.  Also, Sue Catterall from Great Ed was there to guide me every step of the way.  It turns out, my Representative immediately signed the reinvestment statement letter I put in front of her.  Great Education had sent it to her already, but she actually signed it when I was standing there in front of her.  Getting her signature made my trip to the statehouse even more worthwhile.

You should try it too.  Not only is it rewarding to meet and engage directly with your elected representatives, it is really fun to walk the halls of our stunning state capitol, observe the energy and frenetic activity that goes on when the legislature is in session, and, best of all, to participate directly in our democracy.


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