Most Popular Great Ed Facebook Posts in 2017

Most Popular Great Ed Facebook Posts in 2017:

10 – Want to understand why Colorado has one of the strongest economies in the nation yet… “Colorado hospitals will lose more than a half-billion dollars, schools will get $75 million less for classrooms and taxpayers won’t see TABOR refunds in 2018 as state lawmakers shuffled money in a state budget bill that left little to cheer.”?

9 – Join hundreds of Coloradans in telling Congress that the proposed education cuts are cruel, short-sighted and counter-productive. Sign the petition today!

8 – Forecast: Colorado faces a shortfall as high as $260M even as it plans formula-driven rebates. More cuts to schools are on the way. #MakesNoSense  Sign up for the 2017 Action Summit and join others who believe that education should be a higher priority.

7 – Does Extra Money Make A School Better? Littleton Tried It At Field Elementary Studies demonstrate that #FundingMatters. Learn more on our website at

6 – This short video clip of Principal Lyn Bajaj at Field Elementary School in Littleton Public Schools speaks to what the real problem is…

5 – “But for sheer craven destructiveness, nothing compares with what the state’s convoluted tax limitation measures have done to public schools. Teachers and students have borne the brunt of the tax reductions that in recent years have produced refunds to individual taxpayers in amounts so meager as to be insignificant. For most, the refund might provide lunch for three at a fast-food joint, as long as nobody gets extravagant.”

4 – “We’re gratified when the importance of adequately funding education is elevated,” said Lisa Weil, executive director of Great Education Colorado, a nonprofit that advocates for better school funding. “Now we need bold and visionary action by our elected leaders.” Agree? Sign the Open Letter to State Leaders at

3 – Only Arizona has a lower “teacher attractiveness” rating than Colorado. It’s time we work together to ensure we attract the teachers needed to have more well-rounded schools, more electives, more career and college opportunities for young people. Ready to do something about it? Find out how:

2 – “This story is not about rich districts being happy and poor districts dissatisfied. The two issues at play in Colorado’s school finance debate are: Adequacy – does the whole system have enough money – and equity – can students, depending on where they live, get a relatively equal education?”

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