Driving educational excellence for all Colorado students by harnessing the power of grassroots activism and stimulating wise investment in Colorado’s public schools, colleges, and universities.


All Colorado children, regardless of their background, where they live, or how they learn, have the opportunity to attend excellent schools and colleges with strong leadership and highly trained, innovative teachers, who prepare students to be engaged, successful adults.

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Mythbusters: Responses to Common Myths and Misperceptions

Too often, discussions about school funding get derailed by simplistic sound bites that may sound good, but are misleading at best. We've collected a few.

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The Great Ed Luncheon

On October 1, 2015, Great Education Colorado honored Bob Deibel, President of OfficeScapes with its annual award and Colorado’s School Superintendents with the Vicki A. Mattox Education Award. Learn More

2016 Ballot Initiative

In Colorado, when state revenues grow faster than inflation plus growth, the legislature is not allowed to keep and invest all the revenues that it collects under our current tax rates. Funds above the revenue limit have to be held back and rebated to taxpayers. The proposals will allow the state to invest in education, transportation, mental health services and senior services without raising taxes.
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Organizing Conference

Approximately 250 school funding advocates, including a variety of superintendents, from across Colorado attended the Great Futures Action Summit on Friday, March 4. Through the opportunities to learn, network and share left the attendees empowered and motivated to ensuring that all Colorado students, regardless of where they live or how they learn, recieve a great education.
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