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Community Presentation

Mission: Possible allows Coloradans to design their own state budget and to share the results.Why is it important to understand the state budget?Colorado’s fiscal challenges have a direct impact on our local schools and the opportunities we can provide to our students. And all public services are affected as well.You are the decider — Colorado is the only state in the U.S. where our policymakers cannot set tax policy. It is imperative that you are informed and engaged.Try Mission: Possible today!

School Finance 101

Great schools are the foundation of thriving communities. Prepared, confident, well-rounded students are the foundation to a strong democracy and economy. Colorado isn’t investing enough – and someone else isn’t going to fix that. All of us have to. Start your journey today by learning the basics on school finance in this brief presentation.

School Finance 201: Colorado Conundrum

This presentation is geared for advocates who want to expand their understanding of school finance beyond the basics. These slides will address the impact on school funding due to the Gallagher Amendment, TABOR, Amendment 23, the 228 Transfers and more.

Colorado Education Network

This brief presentation provides an overview of education funding in Colorado.Public education is the bedrock of our society, our communities and our democracy. Colorado’s future depends on adequate and equitable investment in our public schools and students. Because Colorado’s current school finance system provides insufficient and inequitable funding:Colorado students do not have adequate and/or equitable access to critical educational opportunities, supports, and individual attention; Colorado’s school districts are unable to support a highly professional teaching force, equitably available to all students; Unintended inequi...

A Vision for Colorado

Great Ed is a statewide advocacy organization that works to educate and mobilize voters to support investment in public education. We also work to influence policy decisions, both at the ballot box and in the Capitol. Our goal is to ensure that every child — no matter where they live or how they learn — graduates prepared to live his/her best life. Learn more about Colorado and school funding in this presentation.