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Quality Counts 2017: Per Pupil Spending

According to the 2017 Quality Counts Report, Colorado had per pupil spending at $9,471 (based on 2014 audited data, the most current data available for a state-by-state comparison).This amount was below the U.S. Average by $2,685.

Colorado Costing Out Study Update

Total Program Funding Infographic

School Finance Glossary

School Finance 201: Colorado Conundrum

This presentation is geared for advocates who want to expand their understanding of school finance beyond the basics. These slides will address the impact on school funding due to the Gallagher Amendment, TABOR, Amendment 23, the 228 Transfers and more.

Negative Factor History

This chart reflects the Negative Factor impact to each of Colorado's 178 school districts.Starting in 2009, in order to make across-the-board cuts from all districts, the legislature added a new “budget stabilization” or “negative factor” to the School Finance Act formula. In effect, the legislature now decides how much it wants to spend on school finance, and then adjusts the negative factor to meet that funding target. Notably, the legislature did not make the cuts by simply scaling back the factors (e.g., reducing the percentage added for each at-risk student). Instead, the cuts are made by calculating what is required under Amendment ...