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Creating a Tax Structure that Works for Colorado

Nothing expresses priorities and values more than how a state raises revenues and allocates resources. Tax and budget policies reflect what we most value as a state. This presentation addresses what it takes to create a tax structure that works for Colorado.

Equity Slides

A 2013 update of the “adequacy study” commissioned for the Lobato case established the “base per pupil funding” necessary for a student with no special needs in a district with no special circumstances to meet all standards and requirements. And it also studied the additional funding needed to ensure that students who do have special needs meet those standards. The full report is available at https://www.greateducation.org/resources/colorado-costing-study-update/.

Fact Sheet: Marijuana Taxes

Budget Briefing: Corrections

Budget Briefing: Medicaid

Budget Briefing: Transportation

Budget Briefing: Human Services

Budget Briefing: K-12 Education

Budget Briefing: Higher Education

Tabor Rebate Projections And Info