Inform and Ask Your Candidates

Consider this: This year’s legislative candidate could be next year’s legislator, and next year’s legislators will decide whether 2013 will be the “Year of the Student” or another lost year of education cuts.

As a voter, you are at the height of your power right now.  While candidates are seeking your vote, you have a special opportunity to inform them about the Year of the Student and the impact that education cuts have had on Colorado’s students.

That’s why we recommend you take every opportunity in the next seven weeks to ask candidates these questions:

If elected, what will you do to fix Colorado’s education funding crisis?

Will you join me in signing the “Year of the Student” Call to Action?

There are lots of ways to get this issue in front of candidates.  Just print out our Year of the Student ”Inform and Ask” Sheet and ask the questions:

  • At the door, if candidates come to ask for your vote.
  • At townhall meetings and candidate forums.
  • On candidates’ Facebook pages.
  • In letters to the editor of your local paper.
  • By contacting candidates via their websites.

Then you can tell us — and your online community — what they said.

Need to find out who the legislative candidates in your district are?  You can find out on the Project Vote Smart website (just type your address in the search bar).

If we want next year’s legislature to make 2013 the “Year of the Student,” we’ve got to put every potential legislator on notice right now.  Ask your candidates today and — if you haven’t already – add your name to the Year of the Student Call to Action.

Thanks for all you do for the students of Colorado!  Together we’ll make sure Colorado finally does right by our kids.

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