Lots to Celebrate, Lots to Do.

Dear Friend:

First of all, I want to convey our most sincere thanks for all you did to support Proposition 103.  We are truly awed by what you accomplished over the past few months, exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Although we are disappointed with the outcome of the election, we couldn’t be more proud of the ground we have gained and the progress we’ve made as public education supporters.

Over the next few weeks, a lot of people will be analyzing what Tuesday’s results mean.  Our guess is that most of them will miss the real story of Proposition 103.

The real story of Proposition 103 is public education supporters throughout the state working together, gaining a new voice in Colorado politics, and refusing to accept the conventional wisdom that “there’s nothing we can do” about continuing cuts to education.

It’s the story of dedicated volunteers — like the rural school board member who gathered 100 signatures in a town of 800 voters and the St. Vrain parents who collected 5,000 — putting an initiative on the ballot when few thought it was possible. It’s about a statewide conversation about taxes and the need to invest in education that never would have happened without an initiative on the ballot.

It’s the story of cutting-edge technology that made it possible for hundreds of Great Ed readers from every corner of the state to contact tens of thousands of voters to gain their support for Proposition 103.  And it’s the story of the hundreds of thousands of voters who ultimately heeded the call and voted YES.

That’s why, regardless of the outcome of the election, we knew weeks ago that the Proposition 103 effort would represent a long-term win for Colorado’s students and economy. Each of these accomplishments is a critical building block for future success — and it’s already time to put them to work!

Without the additional revenues that Proposition 103 would have provided, the need for advocacy on behalf of Colorado’s children is greater than ever.  Yesterday, Governor Hickenlooper unveiled his 2012-13 budget that cuts $160 per pupil ($350 million below what the current School Finance Act requires) and reduces higher ed funding by $60 million!

Will you join us in a pledge to keep fighting for Colorado’s students? We need to send a clear message to state leaders that, as parents, grandparents, educators, businesspeople and citizens, we are going to keep fighting for a bright future for Colorado students until that mission is accomplished.

We can’t let up now. Colorado’s kids are depending on us to stay focused and engaged for their future.  Thanks to Proposition 103, we are more ready than ever for the battle.

So are you in?

Thanks, once again, for all you did for Proposition 103 and for Colorado’s students, schools, colleges and universities.


Lisa Weil
Policy Director
Great Education Colorado

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