What did (or didn’t) YOUR legislators say?

Just a few weeks ago, almost two hundred supporters of the Year of the Student Project flooded the Capitol to hand-deliver a message to legislators on behalf of over 8,500 individuals and 150 organizations: “Don’t adjourn without a long-term plan for student success.”

The Project also asked every legislator to respond to a few questions about whether they agree that Colorado must do a better job of investing in our students and what actions they are willing to take this year to accomplish that.

Did YOUR representative and senator respond?  You can find out here.  

Then you can take the next simple — but critical — step: Use our simple online tool to let your legislators know you care about what they said — or didn’t say.

The key to a successful Year of the Student is legislators hearing repeatedly from their constituents.  Every letter — whether to thank or nudge — is a critical addition to the movement.  Your letter matters, whether it’s the first or the fifth you’ve sent this year!

Thank you for helping make sure that 2013 is the Year of the Student — not just another year of  “business as usual.”

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