The trials, tribulations and opportunities of “Back to School”

It’s August, which means that most Colorado students will be back in classrooms (hot as they may be) by the end of the month.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing about from supporters like you:

“We have to pay for what?”  With school budgets so tight, families continue to pay the price with ever-longer school supply lists and ever-growing fees. You can help raise awareness of the problem by telling us your back to school story about fees, supplies and tuition.“That was easier than I expected!”  We’re hearing from folks across the state who are gathering signatures for the 2013: Year of the Student

Project. They are finding that parents and students alike are eager to sign the call for legislative action to fund education.Our hats are off to the parents of the Thornton High School IB Program who gathered 435 Year of the Student signatures during registration!   You can do it, too!

It’s an easy way to make a difference for the students in your life.
All of us at Great Ed wish you a good “back-to-school” season.  And, as you learn which classes are no longer offered, or how much tuition and fees have increased, or how large your students’ classes are . . . remember that there is something you can do about it.

Join thousands of individuals and dozens of organizations in demanding that state leaders make 2013 the year we do right by our kids.


Latest News

2013: Year of the Student grows!

Great Ed is proud to be a partner in the Year of the Student Project, which is bringing together individuals and organizations to demand that the 2013 General Assembly fix Colorado’s broken education funding system — early childhood through higher education.

More than 80 organizations and twenty-five hundred have joined now.  Have you?

Year of the Student Project joins Twitter

Year of the Student is now on Twitter!  Be sure to follow @2013yos and share your Year of the Student news on #2013yos!  Looking for fun ideas to share and post? Join the YOS Social Media Activation Network.


Take Note

In this week’s Taking Note Update, we take note of a key statewide statistic: number of students up, number of teachers down.  Read more »


Get Involved



We are pleased to announce that Governor John Hickenlooper will be joining us at our luncheon honoring public education champion Elaine Gantz Berman.

Act now to guarantee your seat at September 19 Luncheon!  Seats are going fast.


Ask a Question

This month’s question is from C.M. in Longmont: “Which is more important — supporting my local mill election or working on the state funding issue through the Year of the Student?”  

A: Both.

The systemic defunding of schools over the past two decades has eroded both local and state support.  Ultimately, our students won’t get the quality education and opportunities they need to succeed until we fix Colorado’s broken funding system at the state level.  But until then, every community (and school) has to do what it can to protect students from the impact of deeper cuts.

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