Flashback: We’re falling off the cliff we knew was coming two years ago . . .

Two years ago, Great Ed produced this internet ad starring Sports Guy/Comedian Sam Adams, giving Colorado a “two-year” warning.

Back in 2009, we warned that a cliff was coming because Referendum C and Amendment 23 would be running out.  Little did we know that Amendment 23 would be reinterpreted into oblivion, or that K-12 and higher ed would face three years (so far) of devastating cuts.

Sam’s warning is even more potent now: if we don’t put an education funding initiative on the ballot this November, Colorado’s schools and colleges will face even deeper cuts in 2012-13 and beyond.

So now we’ve got a two month warning.  The only thing standing between Colorado’s kids and a fourth year of devastating cuts is Senator Rollie Heath’s proposed ballot initiative and we’ve got about nine weeks to gather the signatures to put in on the ballot.  

Be a part of the “hurry up offense” by  telling us you want to sign or carry a petition to put it on the ballot.

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