Responses to the “Is it OK?” letter: What did (or didn’t) they say?

Last month, we delivered thousands of signatures and stories about devastating education cuts to state leaders.  Our letter asked them two questions:

1) Do you recognize the effect that reduced funding is having on students — preschool through higher ed? and

2) Is it OK with you?

Right now, the legislature is pushing though a budget that cuts a combined $286 million from K-12 and higher ed, while reopening tax loopholes and doubling the size of the state’s “rainy day” fund.  Getting answers to these questions has never been more important.

Some legislators answered our questions.  Some didn’t.

You can see all the responses we received here.

Notably, the current budget isn’t set in stone — yet.  It’s not too late to contact your legislators and the governor to urge them to answer these questions and to call on them to do everything they can to minimize cuts to education in this year’s budget.  

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