Insult to Injury

News reports indicate that the recent Joint Budget Committee budget plan would cut $36 million from higher ed.  On the face of it, that’s about the same amount that the Governor originally proposed in February.

Turns out, the JBC plan is a bit of a raw deal for higher ed families.  The plan represents a $122 million cut to the general fund appropriation to higher ed — almost 18% larger than the Governor’s budget proposal.  That cut is offset by increases in tuition and fees.  (You can see an analysis of the proposal by the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute here.)

So, to recap, the state is reducing its funding of schools with one hand and making up for it by charging higher ed students significantly more on the other.

No wonder folks from all over Colorado have told us (search this link for the word “in-state”) that out of state tuition is a better deal for their kids than in-state tuition in Colorado.

Not much of a recipe for long-term economic vitality.

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