Greeley Tribune: DECIDE addresses critical problem, but doesn’t go far enough

Like the Denver Post, the Greeley Tribune editorial board has weighed in on DECIDE, saying that the Great Futures Colorado coalition’s proposal has identified a critical problem, but is “too narrow in scope.”

The Tribune takes the opportunity of the DECIDE measure to opine:

However, we do think it’s time for the citizens of Colorado to wake up and embrace the fact that somehow, someway, we are all going to have to make a commitment to financially support education in this state.

And, after citing statistic after statistic about Colorado’s failure to keep up with the rest of the nation in K-12 investment, the Tribune concludes:

So many people use the cliché “you can’t just throw money at the problem.” But here’s another cliché, one that is quickly becoming our reality: You get what you pay for. Or maybe more true in Colorado: You get what you won’t pay for, which is a steady decrease in the quality of public education. . . .

We call on all residents, all lawmakers, to open up their minds and find a way to solve the continuing funding crisis for education. And that most certainly will include a change in mindset about our tax structure in Colorado, and a realization of what it will cost to adequately fund a good and essential public education system.

Though we disagree with its conclusion about DECIDE, we applaud the Tribune’s recognition that the question is no longer whether we should do something about Colorado’s education funding crisis, but what we should do about it.

Our children can’t wait – the time for action is now.  Take your stand here.    

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