Fuel, Tests (and Poor Funding) Crowd Out Field Trips (and More)

Bravo to the Denver Post which put the front page spotlight on a long-building trend: experiential learning (field trips, hands on science) disappearing as schools face a combination of  budget cuts and increased demands for improving test scores.

The blow is worst for low-income, at-risk kids who would never have the world opened up to them by Museums or Zoos if were not for field trips through school.  

My only quarrel with the article comes in its first sentence:

Whiteboards replaced chalkboards, computers shoved aside typewriters, and now the time-honored field trip is fighting for survival.

Whiteboards haven’t replaced chalkboards in any schools I’ve seen, and although typewriters are nowhere to be found, there aren’t many instructional computers either.

Budget woes go a whole lot deeper than field trips.

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