Legislator/Constituent Engagement

How to Engage with Your Legislator

  • Find your state legislators here.
  • Send an email to your representatives. Legislator email addresses can be found here.
  • Mail a letter to your legislator: Colorado State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax, Denver CO 80203
  • Call your legislator. Contact info here.
  • Attend a town hall, coffee, community event or advocacy day at the Capitol with your elected official(s).
  • Visit the Capitol with a Great Ed staff member - invite your legislator out of session for a brief chat.
  • Schedule a time to meet with your legislator in your community.
  • Invite education supporters from your community to join you in engaging with your elected officials.

What to Say Use your own words; make it specific to your school or your district

  • Tell them you consider the budget a moral document; that you expect education to receive its fair share – which is more than just keeping up with inflation. Now that the state budget is recovering, our kids should recover commensurate with the budget.
  • Explain how years of budget cuts to school districts have impacted your kids and/or your school. Express your desire to restore the cuts and impress upon them
  • Let them know that you’ll check in periodically to see how things are progressing.
  • Ask if there’s anything you can do to help.
  • Thank them for serving the students of Colorado and for representing your interests.