Legislative Updates

The legislature continues to take (small) steps forward for public education

As you know, we here at Great Ed are laser-focused on making sure the legislature uses every tool available to  support sustainable and equitable increases to school funding.  That’s more than…

You don’t want to miss this week’s legislative recap…

This week was such an important week at the legislature. While a lot of attention was focused on the DPS teacher strike, bills continued to move through the legislature. We’ll…

Great Ed advocates Alycia and Maggie outside of the JBC hearing rooms after testifying.

What’s happening at the Capitol this week?

It’s been a whirlwind of a week at the legislature! Starting the week off with a bang, the JBC took public comment on the state budget for the first time…


What’s happening at the Capitol this week?

Reporting to you from week four (!) at the Capitol.  There’s no shortage of conversations about possible legislation that could have a large impact on school funding (e.g., full-day Kindergarten,…


This week at the Capitol: full-day Kindergarten, legislative meet-ups and more!

The biggest news from the Capitol for Great Ed, is our official support of Governor Polis’s push to fund full-day Kindergarten by Fall 2019. We are excited to announce we…


This week at the Capitol…Governor’s revised budget, Education Committees and more!

This week was another big week at the Capitol: Governor Polis made public his revised budget recommendations, the Education Leadership Council presented its findings, and both Senate and House Education Committees are in full swing.

An exciting first week at the Capitol!

Things are already moving fast at the Capitol! Bills are being introduced and Governor Polis is setting the tone for what we hope will be a successful session for education funding in the state of Colorado.


Give Voters a Chance This November!

Keep the TABOR Surplus for Kids Petition Delivery

Keep the TABOR Surplus for Kids Petition Delivery

We delivered petition signatures and stories to the Capitol on April 16, asking Gov. Hickenlopper and the legislature that we keep the TABOR surplus for kids. Download the full package…

Keep the TABOR Surplus for Kids Petition Delivery

Keep the TABOR Surplus for Kids Petition Signatures

Cities represented and the number of signatures as of April 9. If you haven’t already, add to your community’s representation by signing the petition here.  If you’ve already signed, share…