Thank You for Supporting Education.

We want to thank you for making education and our kids your priority. This campaign started as a low rumble of discontent and grew into a movement of folks willing to stand up for our schools and our communities. You made that happen. You collected signatures from more than 142,000 Coloradans to get Proposition 103 on the ballot, and you mailed thousands of letters and called thousands of voters in September and October. Even though the vote did not turn out the way we had hoped, thanks to you and the movement that you built on a shoestring budget, Colorado voters sent a clear message: Coloradans value reinvesting in our communities, our schools and our kids.

Now we must pick up the work of finding a long-term fix to Colorado’s structural budget problems. Frankly, there isn’t time to lick our wounds. Our kids and our economy can’t wait. We want to thank you for everything you’ve given — for your time and your energy. Please know that you’ve played a critical part in jump-starting the long overdue conversation about reinvesting in our kids and our future.

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