Projects & Chapters


Denver Metro Catalyst for Kids

The Denver Metro Catalyst for Kids project is working to ensure that all children living in the Denver Metro Area, regardless of their background, where they live or how they learn, have the opportunity to attend excellent schools and colleges with strong leadership and highly trained, innovative teachers, who prepare students to be engaged, successful adults.


Great Education Colorado works with community members in several chapters in communities across Colorado. Great Ed Chapters are locally directed by teams of parents and education supporters. The character and organization of each chapter varies by community, but each chapter has the common goal of raising awareness about Colorado’s education investment and offering local ways to take action to improve education investment at the state level. Chapters organize events, networking opportunities, and presentations to expand the network of people who are actively engaged in improving education investment, so all Colorado kids can have a great education.

Great Ed now has chapters in:

To join your local chapter or to learn more about starting a chapter in your area, call: (303)-722-5901 or e-mail Sue Catterall at