Colorado Gives Day

Dear Friend:

In the last few months, thanks to our generous donors, Great Education Colorado staff has been able to deliver school funding presentations around the state – from Grand Junction to Burlington, from Pueblo to Sterling.

All across Colorado we continue to hear from folks who care about their schools and about the future of the state they love, and they are hungry for action.

In every Colorado community, educators are making great efforts to meet the unique needs of every student. They’re trying to put a great teacher in every classroom despite the teacher shortage, to provide adequate resources for student social and emotional support, and to ensure that every school can offer broad and challenging curriculum that ignites the love of learning in every student.

Unfortunately, because of Colorado’s unique fiscal and constitutional challenges, those educational opportunities simply aren’t available to all kids.  And local communities are realizing that they can’t meet every student’s needs without a big change in the way schools are funded in Colorado. There’s been enough talk. They want action.

That’s where you come in.

With the support of our amazing donor network, Great Ed has become a catalyst for hope and action in 2017. Several highlights from the past year include:

  • Convening a broad and inclusive coalition of education-connected organizations that are preparing Colorado voters to invest more in students through a powerful, multi-media narrative about the importance of public education. Learn more at
  • Leading far-reaching conversations about how to best address Colorado’s failure to invest adequately or equitably in our schools and developing the policies to make it so.
  • Informing Coloradans about the state’s fiscal challenges through interactive and engaging tools, such as the state budget simulator, Mission: Possible.

In short, Great Ed is leading by informing, mobilizing, inspiring and acting.  

That’s why, on this Colorado Gives Day, to give is to lead. When you give you are enabling Colorado organizations and public education supporters to continue to rely on Great Ed to make better investment in our students, schools, communities, and economy a reality.

Thank you for your continuing and much appreciated support.


Daniel Domagala
Chair, Great Education Colorado Board of Directors