Harnessing small donations to make a BIG difference for kids
All Colorado kids should have a fair shot at success. But do they?
Schools have been closed to save money, leading to overcrowding in the remaining schools. T.S., Colorado Springs

One of my schools has science texts published in 1995. S.A., Indian Hills

Some of the rooms are so crowded that students can't get to the restroom and teachers have bruises on their legs from bumping into desks. V.B., Glenwood Springs

The textbooks in my 8th grade class are 16 years old and I use duct tape to keep them together. J.J., Saguache

If Coloradans knew, they’d do something about it.
What We're Doing
We’re inviting you to partner with us to collect small donations from lots of people to make sure that more Coloradans understand the impact of budget cuts on our students. We have pages and pages of stories that people — parents, teachers, concerned citizens like you, and kids — have submitted to us. The written words are devastating — but they don’t do the stories justice. We need Coloradoans to SEE the stories and hear from the kids themselves. We need your help to raise enough money to document these stories in video; in ways that legislators and voters cannot ignore.

Help Us Meet Our Goals

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Help us get started telling the stories that affect Colorado as a whole.
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Expand and travel for stories in rural and mountain school districts.
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So many stories the problem cannot be ignored.
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Why We Care
Just like you, we have a vested interest in our kids and whether or not they’re ready for the world upon graduation. We’d like you to partner with Great Ed to activate Colorado: to tell the stories of these kids, their teachers, their schools, and the conditions they’re learning under. Because we’re sure that if Coloradans knew, they would care too, and we could all take action together.

It's about fairness

Every kid in Colorado deserves a fair shot at the American Dream. At the Colorado Dream. But in the more than two decades since Colorado put outdated economic formulas in the constitution, budget cuts have been whittling away our students’ educational opportunities and competitiveness.

It's about responsibility

We have a responsibility when it comes to education. To provide kids with the best teachers, to make college affordable, to pay teachers fairly, to make sure our students have access to up-to-date technology. Colorado's students of today deserve the educational foundation that previous generations gave us.

It's about opportunity

Not just for our students, but for our state. Our economy is directly tied to the quality of education we provide to our kids. The time to act is now. Too few Coloradans understand what is at stake because only a small percentage live The Colorado School Experience each day.

Help us Tell Your Stories

Colorado is a big and beautiful state and there are stories hiding in every corner. To tell them all, we need your help. You can raise money for your community or group, and we'll visit you with our video team so you can tell your stories. Everything you raise goes to our overall goal, but your efforts guarantee that your part of the Colorado School Experience will be documented.

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Raise $2,500
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Everything you raise goes to our overall goal, but your efforts guarantee that your part of the Colorado School Experience will be documented.

Great Education Colorado will work with your group or community to produce a video that adheres to the overall goal of the project, to illustrate the impact that lack of education funding has on our kids' education. Contact Great Education Colorado with questions about starting a campaign for your community or for assistance in setting up a CrowdRise account. All funds will be used to create short documentaries and sharable clips for social media. Expenditures of Crowdrise dollars will be limited to: videography; editing; post-production; travel and lodging; planning, coordination and scheduling of visits, shoots, and interviews; and promotion of videos.
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