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For over 15 years, Great Education Colorado (GEC) has worked to harnesses the power of grassroots activism and diverse, inclusive coalitions to stimulate adequate and equitable investment in all Colorado public schools, students, and teachers. We have moved to support the Public Education Voter initiatives and take on Colorado's most pressing issues in education.

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Funding FAQs

How do schools cope with funding issues?  Find the answer!

GEC Vision

What is the GEC Vision? Solve the puzzle and get the answer.


GEC is a Great Schools Thriving Community Partner. Who else is?

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Bridge The Gap: GEC Room
What year did the Taxpayer Bill of Rights pass? *
What is the name of the coalition co convened and staffed by Great Education Colorado? *
What are Great Ed's five institutional values (as listed behind Joyce Brooks in the video)? *

Public Education Voter (PEV)

Who is a public education voter? *
Did you know you could join the Public Education Voter efforts? One way is to support local school board members who advocate for kids.

The photo below depicts the guidelines Great Education Colorado uses to determine whether or not a bill or measure is in the best interest of public education.

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