ASK and INFORM your Candidates

Do legislative candidates know how education cuts have affected our schools, colleges, and students? Do they know that, if elected, their future constituents want 2013 to be the “Year of the Student” when the legislature finally takes action to fix our broken education funding system?

They will if you tell them!

To find out who is running for the legislature in your area, go to


Did you know …
 Colorado spends $1,809 per K-12 student below national average?
 In just one year (2010-11), Colorado gained over 9,000 students and reduced the
number of teachers by 500?
 Colorado dropped from 23rd to 36th in state funding for preschool, among the lowest of the 39 states offering preschool?
 Colorado ranks 49th in state and local support for higher ed per capita?


1) If elected, what will you do to fix Colorado’s education funding crisis?
2) Will you join me in signing the “Year of the Student” Call to Action?

Then, tell us and your online community what they said.

Download a Year of the Student Call to Action where you can gather the signatures of candidates and other Coloradans who want to sign on to make 2013 the “Year of the Student.”

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