April Activism

This is an integral month for Colorado students – at the end of this month, our elected officials will make their decision on both The Long Bill and The School Finance Act which determines the amount of funding our schools will receive next year.

Because of changes in the Residential Assessment Rate, our legislators will decide how to spend an additional $100 million. We need YOU to lift your voice for public education.

To get our legislators to #CutTheBSFactor #Beyond77Million we need to pack committee meetings with public education advocates from across Colorado and you can help make that happen!

Can you join us in person?

  • We will be at House & Senate Education Committee Hearings each Thursday!
    • Thursday, April 25, RSVP

Can you join us remotely?

    • Can you write your elected official an email?
    • Can you text your friends or forward them an email to join you?
    • Can you share this post on Facebook with your friends and family?

Can’t join us remotely or in person?