School Tours Toolkit

Conveying the urgency and demonstrating the need for restoring resources to classrooms is central to our message: Colorado Must Invest in Our Classrooms So Every Student Can Graduate Ready for the World.

Some things to consider when planning your tour (download a PDF here):

1. Who from your community might be interested in working on a school tour?

2. What message(s) do you want to convey?
☐ need for facility repairs
☐ addressing impact of larger classes
☐ lost programs (music, art, PE)
☐ need for technology upgrades
☐ students need additional supports counseling, etc.
☐ what we would accomplish with  additional funding
☐ challenges in implementing recent reforms
☐ meeting needs of student populations (ELL, GT)
☐ unsustainable programs due to lack of funds
☐ need for interventions
☐ show effective programs/supports in place
☐ ___________________________
☐ ___________________________

3. What school(s) in your district might be most effective in conveying your message? Would the principal be amenable to hosting a tour or experience? Which teachers could effectively explain the challenges & opportunities to support students with additional resources?

4. Which state legislative districts overlap with your school district’s boundaries?
House District____________Representative:____________________________
Senate District ___________Senator: __________________________________

5. Find out if your legislators have committed to visiting at least two schools before the end of the 2014-­15 school year.

6. Who from the business community or other municipalities (city council, county commissioners, etc.) should be included on the tour?

7. When would be an optimal time to conduct your tour?