Advocacy U

Great Education Colorado is launching a monthly series of workshops where we will demystify the role of being an advocate for Colorado students.

We’ll provide the background and skills needed to empower you to advocate on behalf of Colorado students.

Join us for one workshop or for the entire series!

Jan. 20, 2017

Education and Colorado State Governance

Ever wonder how Colorado’s governance structure is designed to support education?

How do the Governor, Legislature, State Board of Education and Commissioner of Education interact to support the education of about 900,000 students in our state?

Join us for our first Advocacy U event to hear from Representative Janet Buckner, Vice-Chair of the House Education Committee.


Feb 24, 2017

How can so many education bills be introduced each year?

Bills on school funding, charters, testing, data privacy, accountability and more just keep coming from the Gold Dome. And the changes at the federal level only further complicate this quickly evolving environment.

Join us for a briefing focused on hot topics for this legislative session and for an interactive conversation with several key legislators.

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Nancy Todd

Representative Dan Thurlow

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March 17, 2017

Is it time to update the School Finance Act of 1994?

Does your child need a little extra help in a particular subject? Did you know that the state of Colorado provides just a fraction of the cost of addressing the needs of a special education student? That over 70% of students learning English receive no additional funding from the state? That folks in some tiny districts pay property tax rates that are seven times higher than rates in more wealthy districts? Or, that many rural districts are barely hanging on because of cuts?

Is it time to rewrite the School Finance Act of 1994 to try to address these school funding concerns?

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April 14, 2017

Let’s talk government revenues and budgets in Colorado!

Talking about taxes may sound like a downer, but we promise this session will be quite the opposite. Not only is it possible to have a balanced, constructive and engaged dialogue on this topic, it’s critical in order to ensure we protect our quality of life.

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May 19, 2017

So what is educational equity and how does ESSA support it?

Education equity is at the core of our vision statement — all children, regardless of where they live or how they learn, graduate prepared to lead their best lives. How can Colorado leverage ESSA to support educational equity?

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June 16, 2017

What does it take to run an effective campaign?

Targeting, persuasion, GOTV, top lines…Join us as we explain what it takes to run an effective campaign. The tactics and strategies are straightforward, but there are no shortcuts. The planning and work are essential to build the road to success.

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