Advocate’s Corner

Use the resources below to get involved on behalf of Colorado’s schools. If you have a suggestion about how Great Education Colorado can help you connect with legislators and advocate for a better future for Colorado, contact us and let us know.

Current Actions

Sign up to Carry and/or Sign a Petition to Fund Our Schools More Adequately and Equitably

Did you hear? Better school funding could be on the statewide ballot this year!

Maybe you saw one of the articles from late last week — Coloradans seeking more school funding inch closer to 2018 ballot or Education tax plan has merit. We couldn’t be more excited that two concerned citizens, DJ Anderson and Martha Olson, stepped up to lead the charge to more adequately and equitably fund our public schools.

Help us thank them by signing up today to carry or sign a petition in order to give Colorado voters a chance to support public schools this November.

Sign up for the Colorado Education Network
Join hundreds of others across Colorado who believe:

  • Public education is the bedrock of our society, our communities and our democracy.
  • Colorado’s future depends on adequate and equitable investment in our public schools and students.
  • You want to be part of the solution.

Sign up today to become part of the Colorado Education Network. This Network is bringing together people and organizations who support public education and that are committed to finding common ground in ensuring it is available to all. (Learn more)

Sign up for Advocacy U Workshops and Hone Your Advocacy Skills
Great Education Colorado is launching a monthly series of workshops where we will demystify the role of being an advocate for Colorado students. We’ll provide the background and skills needed to empower you to advocate on behalf of Colorado students.

Join us for one workshop or for the entire series! There is no fee to attend. However, space is limited and registration is required. Sign up today!

Sign Up for a Presentation
Schedule a Presentation and Great Ed will come to your school, community organization or event and provide an opportunity to have a dialogue with your community on why quality education is the foundation of individual opportunity, community vitality and a prospering economy.

Design a State Budget that Reflects Your Values
Great Education Colorado and the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) have developed Mission: Possible, an interactive online budget simulation that allows Coloradans to make their own spending and revenue choices for the state budget. Great Ed and CASB teamed up on this project because we believe all state residents must understand Colorado’s fiscal challenges and all possible solutions. In Colorado, because of constitutional amendments, it is voters – not legislators – who make the most important decisions about how Colorado invests in its future.

Sign onto an Open Letter to State Leaders
Fifteen diverse organizations in Colorado signed a letter to state leaders urging them to recognize that education is the bedrock of our strength as a state. We know that in order to have thriving communities, we need vibrant public schools, learning opportunities for every child and much more. Read the letter and sign today!

Sign up for a School Tour
School tours provide participants with an in-depth look at the successes and challenges in Colorado’s classrooms. Discussions with parents, students and administrators allow a first-hand look at how state policies affect Colorado’s schools and students. Contact us to learn more about how you can attend an upcoming school tour.

Check out our Resource library that has videos, fact sheets and more explaining why #FundingMatters. Understanding school finance in Colorado is no easy task—but these resources will help you do just that! This brief video presents one concept, but you can explore more details by then reviewing our full presentation on school funding. Watch the video and review other resources here.

Support the Colorado School Experience project
We’re inviting you to partner with us to collect small donations from lots of people to make sure that more Coloradans understand the impact of budget cuts on our students. We have pages and pages of stories that people — parents, teachers, concerned citizens like you, and kids — have submitted to us. The written words are devastating — but they don’t do the stories justice. We need Coloradoans to SEE the stories and hear from the kids themselves. We need your help to raise enough money to document these stories in video; in ways that legislators and voters cannot ignore. Donate here.

Other Resources

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