2019 Legislator Scorecard

Great Ed's 2019 legislator scorecards...

Evaluate our Representatives and Senators on their votes on twelve bills that most impacted public education in Colorado. Keep in mind that our strong focus on education funding means that if legislators voted in support of education on bills that Great Ed did not take a stance on, our score does not include those pieces of legislation.

Legislative Scorecard Overview

How did we determine scores?

The session took many twists and turns. Ultimately we ended up with more dollars for students than we started with, but we remain billions of dollars behind what is needed to adequately and equitably fund our schools.

Over 75 education bills were introduced this session, not all of which Great Ed came out in support or opposition. In determining the pieces of legislation on which Great Ed would take a stance, firm policy principles were followed.

Session Policy Principles:

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Promote adequate, equitable sustainable funding.

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Support all legislation that adds funding without new mandates and doesn't take dollars from other students/programs.

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The needs outstrip the current budget (especially in light of other underfunded needs).

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