Driving educational excellence for all Colorado students by harnessing the power of grassroots activism and stimulating wise investment in Colorado’s public schools, colleges, and universities.


All Colorado children, regardless of their background, where they live, or how they learn, have the opportunity to attend excellent schools and colleges with strong leadership and highly trained, innovative teachers, who prepare students to be engaged, successful adults.

Great Ed is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse political parties or candidates.


Great Education Colorado began in a Denver living room filled with parents sharing concerns about the chronic under-funding of public education that was affecting students’ educational experiences, civic and community unity, and economic prosperity. We have since grown to be a well-respected source of information and conduit of public input to the legislature and state leaders on issues around educational resources.

Current Activities

Education Funding Resources: Our Frequently Asked Questions and Statistics pages answer pressing education investment questions and provide accessible and in-depth context to Colorado’s education funding crisis. Great Ed also keeps a close eye on where Colorado stacks up compared to the rest of the country on our Statistics page.

Raising Public Awareness: Great Ed  has presented to hundreds of groups and thousands of people around the state, providing accessible information about the benefits of investing in education to our families, our communities and our economy. Invite us to present to your group – local book club, church, neighborhood association or school. Or contact us to volunteer for Great Ed.

Connecting You with Your Legislators.  Great Ed gives public supporters easy ways to help their legislators understand the importance of investing in Colorado’s classrooms. Through online actions and petitions,  legislator school tours, and face-to-face meetings in the Capitol, Great Ed supporters have the tools, training, and support to be effective advocates for Colorado’s students.

Online Tools: Great Ed uses online tools – website, Facebook, Twitterblog, and newsletters – to keep public education supporters informed and ready to take action.

Partnering for Collective Impact.  Because so many statewide and community organizations share Great Ed’s vision of well-supported teachers, schools and colleges, Great Ed creates and staffs coalitions, giving partner organizations efficient and effective ways to act together for better funding.  For instance, the Great Futures Colorado Campaign was launched in 2010 and is a continuing coalition that advocates together and hosts an annual Statewide Organizing Conference.  Great Ed also partners with local community groups, helping them grow and provide their constituents with easy ways to take action on the state level.

Great Ed Policy / Communication Director Lisa Weil presents to a Denver PTSA

Colorado School Stories Project: Through the Colorado School Stories Project (a video catalog of more than 250 interviews with educators, parents and students from around the state), Great Ed continues to shine a light on the price that Colorado’s students are paying for our state’s failure to invest in their future.


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